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  • November 28, 2018
The director of Funan will be landing in Hong Kong soon.
Denis Do, a young director from Cambodian descent, tells the story of the survival and the fight of a young mother, during the Khmer revolution, to find her son, torn apart from his family by the regime. This first animation movie, delicate and poetic, is strongly based on the stories that his own mother used to tell him. 

Denis Do will attend the Hong Kong French Film Festival to present his film and tell how he found the way to express his own story. Q&As and sharing sessions will be organized for you to have a chance to discuss the movie and its importance with the director. More details here

His work was awarded the Cristal for a feature Film in Annecy Animation Film Festival.

Screenings of Funan: 
- Dec. 2nd, 3:20pm, Broadway Cinematheque - Followed by a discussion with Denis Do in association with the Cambodia Association of Hong Kong
- Dec. 2nd, 5:30pm, AMC Pacific Place - Followed by a Q&A
- Dec. 4th, 7:30pm, HK City Hall - Followed by a Q&A

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47th HK French Film Festival

  • October 30, 2018

The oldest film festival of the city is back in town for a 47th edition!

With 42 movies, 7 venues and more than a hundred screenings, the Alliance Française is eager to present its selection of French movies to the Hong Kong public.
Come and discover, or re-discover what French cinema is all about.  We believe all will be pleased by our selection: whether you like laughter, thrills, love you will be covered!

In addition, we are thrilled to receive 4 honorable guests this year: Pierre Salvadori, director of The trouble with you (En liberté!)  and Denis Do, director of the animation movie Funan who will present their latest movies in Q&As and sharing sessions. Oscar-winner film composer Alexandre Desplat (The Shape of Water, The Imitation Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel and so many more...), and Serge Franklin, composer of Day of Atonement will be in Hong Kong to take part in our Retrospective: "A Tribute to the Film Composers". Talks and master classes with guests will be organized during the full length of the festival, so stay tuned with us.

You can discover the full list of movies on the festival website
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news!


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The French Cinepanorama, the Hong Kong French Film Festival, is back in town!

  • October 30, 2018

The French Cinepanorama, the Hong Kong French Film Festival, is back in town! Organized by the Alliance Française de Hong Kong with the support of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the 47th French Cinepanorama will run from the 21st November to 11th December, 2018 for the films of the year and will continue in January with retrospective programme (running from 5th to 25th January 2019), dedicated to Cinema & Music: Tribute to Film Composers. Hong Kong French Film Festival is one of the film festivals with the longest history in Hong Kong, screening over a thousand acclaimed French films since 1953.


Meet French Directors & Film Composers

The 47th Hong Kong French Film Festival is welcoming French directors & film composers to meet Hong Kong film lovers! 

Director of The Trouble With You (En Liberté) Pierre Salvadori;

Director of Funan, Denis Do

Oscar-winner Alexandre Desplat, film composer of Rust & Bone (De rouille et d’os)

Film composer of Day of Atonement (Le Grand Pardon) Serge Franklin

Director of The Trouble With You (En  Liberté), Pierre Salvadori will present his latest film and meet the Hong Kong audience at the opening ceremony of the film festival on November 21st. Denis Do will also come to Hong Kong to have a post screening discussion with Cambodian Association of Hong Kong, following the screening of his film latest film, Funan on December 2nd at Broadway Cinematheque and AMC. There will be another Q&A session at Hong Kong City Hall on December 4th.  It is also our pleasure to have Oscar-winner, Alexandre Desplat, who will meet the French film lovers on the 5th January. Last but not least, Serge Franklin will lead a masterclass on January 19th co-organized with Hong Kong Arts Centre following the screening of Day of Atonement.


France - Birthplace of Cinema

France, birthplace of cinema, has a substantial influence and significant contribution to the development of Film industry and history. As a pioneer of film festivals in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to bringing the best and the latest French films to Hong Kong audiences. This year, Hong Kong French Film Festival will showcase a wide variety of French films from comedies to International Film Festival Acclaimed films.  The selection of films can be divided into four main themes: International Festival Acclaim (films selected by International Film Festivals), Merry Laughter (comedies), Mother and Sons (fi lms about motherhood) and Love Always (romantic films). Please visit our Festival website to see our full list of films. 


Retrospective – Cinema & Music: Tribute to Film Composers (from 5th to 25th January, 2019)

Music plays an important role in setting the plot of the story and atmosphere in films. This year’s Retrospective programme will pay tribute to film composers.  Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat has composed original scores for over 170 films, including Argo, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The King’s Speech, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Lust, Caution, and The Imitation Game. One of the highlighted films of the Retrospective programme will be Rust and Bone, in which the film music is composed by Alexandre Desplat. It is our pleasure to have Alexandre Desplat to meet French film lovers in early January.


A weekend with Henri-Georges Clouzot (8th & 9th December, 2018) at Broadway Cinematheque

There will be a weekend dedicated to award-winning French film director, screenwriter and producer, Henri-Georges Clouzot.  Known as a French master of suspense, Henri-Georges Clouzot has produced numerous masterpieces and documentary films including The Mystery of Picasso, which was declared a national treasure by the government of France. On the 8th & 9th December at the Broadway Cinematheque, Hong Kong film lovers will have the chance to rediscover some of the his masterpieces.


HKFFF Website:


Festival tickets available from October 29

Hong Kong City Hall tickets available from November 5


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#hkphotohunt : a digital contest

  • October 30, 2018
As part of our festival HKFFF (HongKong French Film Festival), take part in our photographic scavenger hunt in the city of Hong Kong and get the chance to win many prizes!
The first round of the contest is open until 15th December! Whether you are an insta-expert or just getting started, this contest is made for you.
Anyone can participate on Instagram using the #hkphotohunt  to post 9 photos completing our 9 challenges.
More information below and on the website : 

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French-speaking World Festival 2018

  • February 22, 2018

The International Francophonie Day is being celebrated on 20th March every year throughout the world. This date commemorates the signing of the 1970 Niamey Convention in Niger which resulted in the grouping together of French-speaking states.

Throughout March, French-speaking communities all over the world host a series of events to celebrate the vibrancy and richness of francophone cultures.

We organize activities like live music concerts and film screenings to mark this occasion. Each year is different but always fun.



Mars En Folie Concert 2018 

Get ready for an exhilarating concert to celebrate the French language! 4 bands coming from Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

(Sat) 17 March, 8pm @MOM Live House  



Mini Francophone Film Festival 

4 Films from Africa, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland, showing the treasure and diversity of the language! 

(Tue) 6 March: Wallay (Africa)

(Wed) 14 March: Encordés - Roped up (Swiss)

(Wed) 21 March: Montréal La Blanche (Canada)

(Tue) 27 March: Les Chevaliers Blancs - The White Knights (Belgium) 



(Sat) 24 March: Meet the writer and psychoanalyst, Marie Darrieussecq

(Wed) 28 March: Photo conférence - Carnet de voyage: Images de Syrie


The French-Speaking World Festival (La fête de la francophonie) is widely celebrated in Hong Kong, please visit the website of Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau.


With the support of: 


Opérateur officiel de la Francophonie:


Special thanks to: 




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Atelier d'écriture du 31 janvier 2018

  • February 12, 2018

Un verre de vin, des amuse-bouches, un lieu convivial : le cadre était idéal pour le deuxième atelier d'écriture de l'Alliance Française, ce mercredi soir de janvier. Les participants, apprenants de niveau avancé ou francophones, ne savaient peut-être pas à quoi s'attendre - et pourtant, ils se sont tous prêtés au jeu de l'écriture, surpris par leur propre audace.

L'idée était de pratiquer l'écrit dans une atmosphère conviviale, sans se soucier des exigences de la redoutable grammaire française. Il s'agissait de laisser libre cours à son imagination et de se surprendre soi-même en écrivant des choses inattendues sous l'effet des contraintes d'écriture imposées.

Voici quelques textes que les participants ont accepté de publier. Ils ont promis de revenir au prochain atelier...


Exercice : décrire une odeur.

Une odeur qui est parfumée pour certains mais horrible et nauséabonde pour les autres. Une odeur qui donne une sensation fortement sucrée sans l’être exactement.

(Le durian)



Cette odeur est très subtile et sent le sel. Elle est souvent reliée au son des oiseaux et particulièrement aux mouettes et aux goélands.
Elle est très vivifiante et rafraichissante. C'est l'odeur de ma jeunesse. Elle fait aussi penser au Soleil et aux sorties en bateau.

(La mer)



Exercice : écrire un texte en incluant des mots choisis par les autres participants.

Mots attribués : Bague, Albert Camus, Conflit, respiration, courir

Article de la gazette culturelle de Marseille paru le 31 janvier 2018 :

La bague d Albert Camus a disparu ! Elle avait été prêtée au musée de Marseille depuis la mort de l’auteur mais depuis quelques temps, les héritiers d Albert Camus étaient en conflit avec le musée. Ils désiraient vendre l'objet à un riche collectionneur mais désormais, il n'y a plus rien à vendre et personne n'a rien vu.  Le voleur peut continuer de courir et de respirer tranquillement...on n’est pas près de le rattraper !


Mots attribués : repos, téléphone, raquette, lumières, sublime

Les travaux à Hong Kong sont toujours très exigeant donc beaucoup de Hongkongais font les heures supplémentaires même pendant le week-end. Par contre, il faut faire des repos tranquilles et avoir un moment sans un téléphone portable dans la main. En plus, c'est mieux d'être plus sportif. Prenez une raquette et faites du tennis par exemple! Ou alors, allez au Pic pour voir les lumières dans la nuit avec ton amour. Le temps pour la déconcentration est vraiment sublime. Ça peut porter l'énergie pour recommencer le travail.