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Why loving football might just make you a ‘‘Global Citizen’’ Seminar

  • Saturday March 25, 2017

In Hong Kong, who would have ever imagined that the 2004 AFC Asian Cup could devolve into a politically charged riot? When Japan defeated China in the finals by 3 to 1, Chinese football fans rioted and some even had the audacity to equate the humiliation from a sporting event to the atrocities committed by Japan during the Second World War. Hence, it seems increasingly difficult in our modern age today to separate sporting events held on a national level from international politics. Said otherwise, the emotions that one feels towards the former, seems to translate so easily to one’s feelings towards the latter. But why? Why do sporting events lead to such an outcome, and what are the psychological, political, if not moral implications of this phenomena?


Guest Speakers:Prof. Pascal Boniface、馬嶽教授 Prof. Ma, Ngok 、李峻嶸博士 Dr. Lee, John Chun-Wing
Moderator:Mr. Yu Ben Hei

Co-organise with:WeMedia01(HK)Ltd HK Paideia
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