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  • Tuesday March 19, 2019

The Mini French-speaking Film Festival brings to the cinema lovers of Hong Kong an original cinema program with four movies originated from Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, and France to celebrate French. The Alliance Française in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong presents the film from Switzerland Toujours Aventurier. 

Toujours Aventurier, by Sébastien Devrient

The mountain-climber Jean Troillet will be present. A Q&A will be organized after the screening. 

On the Mount Dolent, in the Valais (Switzerland), at 3040 meters of altitude, a small campsite is the place of many encounters. For 10 days, under a tent, in similar conditions as during one of his expeditions, the famous adventurer and Himalaya climber Jean Troillet is invited by his friend, the director Sébastien Devrient, to revisit the high points of his life : 50 years of mountaineering, 40 years of expeditions, 30 years of Himalaya at more than 8000 meters. Day after day, story after story, 26 surprise guests come and go. Some walk to Jean Troillet to share 24 hours with him, others enter virtually in the intimacy of the campsite thanks to technology. With the confidences, stories, laughs, and silences, they relive the past and give us a glimpse of the future of a free and passionate man who, at 68, is still an adventurer.

Special thanks to the Fringe Club for the venue support.



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