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Hello France, Goodbye France: My exchange year in Mâcon

  • Tuesday August 21, 2018

Shadow Lee is a young Hong Kong student who embarked on a study abroad programme in France in 2016-2017. After learning French at Alliance Francaise during a beginner summer intensive course, she set off for the charming medieval town of Mâcon (located in the Burgundy region in central France), not really knowing what to expect... There, she became part of the local French host family she lived with, she improved her French dramatically and made some wonderful new friends.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, she wrote a book accounting for her study in France experience, in a lively and humorous tone. Her book was published as an e-book, both in traditional and simplified Chinese (on Kobo HK), under the title Hello France, Goodbye France (法国你好,法国再见) (on i-tunes).

Come and listen to Shadow's stories about her year in France - she will share all the unexpected and quirky things she experienced, in a conversation with her publisher François Boucher.

François Boucher is a journalist, published writer (his last book was De ma jungle, affecTUEUSEment, éditions du Non Agir), documentary maker (La colonie fantôme - Kouang Tchéou Wan,about the forgotten French colony of Guangzhouwan in Southern China) and publisher. He has been living in China since 1994.