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Beaujolais Nouveau tasting

  • Thursday November 16, 2017

All over France on Thursday November 16th, corks will be pulled out of bottles of wine to mark this year's Beaujolais Nouveau day - the day when bottles of 2017 Beaujolais Nouveau wine hit the shelves.

Join us to celebrate that Day, have a drink, have fun and relax while playing Petanque!


The game of boules, otherwise known as pétanque , is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts. Similar to British lawn bowling or Italian bocce, the French version is traditionally played with metallic balls on a dirt surface beneath plane trees. The local boulodrome is a social focal point in southern France.

The object of the game is to throw your balls — usually with somewhat of an arched back-spin — so that they land closer to the small object ball (cochonnet) than those of your opponent, or strike and drive the object ball toward your other balls and away from your opponent's.



  • 2 glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau
  • Nibbles to eat
  • Pétanque game

Event co-organized with Hong Kong Accueil

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