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Barcella Puzzle - Pop Music Concert

  • Saturday June 17, 2017

Barcella is like a strange bird that is ready to fly away as soon as you try to catch him. It is impossible to lock him in a cage as he does not like being trapped. So, he builds a puzzle of eleven songs, although very different pieces, they work together to make up an ensemble. In his music, this playful artist enjoys taking us around his universe painting with words and notes of music.

Author, composer and interpreter, this native of Reims count among the most creative artists of his generation, He is a prodigious writer, inspired by urban cultures and the lyrical Chanson française. Taking as much from classic French singer/actor Bourvil as from hip-hop artist Oxmo Puccino, Barcella writes songs filled with plays of words, blunt irony, and flawless application, his unbridled imagination is exceedingly evident in his work.  Lover of words, he has mastered smoothly how to switch between humor, self-deprecation, grandiosity and emotions.

As talented performer for the past nine years, he has brought both laughter and tears to his audience.  Barcella takes pleasure in exploring different periods of music and trends unconcerned with being politically correct or conforming to the passing fads.

*Every ticket includes one drink

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