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Special Back to School Session for Children and Teens

Start your French course earlier and complete an extra level in one term!

AFHK is pleased to offer a pre-autumn term to children and teenagers:

  • The pre-autumn term will start one month earlier than the regular term (from 29 August) and last until mid-December (Duration: 14 weeks)
  • Each class will be 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours,

so that young learners will complete two levels in one term! 


Enjoy SPECIAL OFFER: 5% off for registration between 7th and 18th August 2017 


Children (8-10 year-old) pre-autumn term 

Enrol online  Select A1 level/ Centre/ PRE - 1704

Teenager Course (11-16 year-old) pre-autumn term 

Enrol online Select A1 level/ Centre/ PRE - 1704


There will also be some workshops for advanced level learners:

IGCSE preparation for teens

Enrol online Select A2 level/ Wanchai Centre/ PRE - 1704

Fais ton cinema (for ages 8 to 10 who speak French fluently)

Enrol online Select A1 level/Wanchai Centre / PRE - 1704/ Workshop