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APRIL 2018 : Introducing new textbooks

from April 2018, Alliance Française de Hongkong will use two new texbooks :  EDITO from Didier Edition. 
 favors an authentic communicative task-based approach, through which the learner will develop interacting know-how.

  • A strict and efficient division according to the levels of the European framework for languages, the widely used passport for languages.
  • A great freedom and flexibility of use, with simplicity and variety.
  • An anchor in the reality of everyday life of Francophones through authentic and accessible documents
  • A communicative and action oriented approach with systematic reuse in different skills and a "tech workshop" based on the use of technologies (levels A1 and A2).
  • EDITO is much structured and clear for the learner: progressive and comprehensive grammar sections, vocabulary interactive lists, monitored phonetics.

  • All skills are covered all along the course, oral and written, and always give sense to what students acquire.
  • A playful approach with specific sections (Détente), a game board of the goose to review the contents of each level (levels A1 and A2) + a deck of cards (downloadable) are proposed as supplementary material.
  • Original tips and sections on stereotypes (Oh le cliché), on culture (Au fait)
  • An inclusive preparation to international exam DELF and a focus on strategies.
  • A free-access platform to retrieve your skills and learning at Didier FLE Nomade.
  • Communicating, communicating, communicating !  while acquiring solid grounds are some keywords for the series.