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About our courses for Toddlers

As early as 18 months, Children can be exposed to a foreign language as their natural abilities help them to master a language rapidly and easily while boosting the intellectual competencies. Babies classes follow rituals that are important for children, help them to develop their motricity while being immersed into the French language. Classes are very much focused on a multi-sensory approach, feeding the curiosity of the children with their learning environment.
One adult (ideally the mother or the father) attends the class, creating a bond between the child and the parent.
Toddlers 1 (18 to 24 months)
- parent can attend the class
Toodlers 2 (24 to 36 months) - parents dont attend the class
A specific theme is developed for a more efficient vocabulary process. We encourage learning through creativity e.g child’s literature, visual arts, arts and crafts, singing and dancing. AFHK uses multiple intelligences as a tool for teaching different styles of learning in the classroom, to embrace the diversity of kid’s skills.

Typical class:
Greetings and welcome ritual
Activities : songs, creative activities 

Learning process - click on image