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About our courses for Teenagers

Our Approach
Our highly qualified teachers strive to provide excellent lessons in a fun and friendly environment. Classes are taught in French as much as possible in order to maximise exposure. The small number of students in each class ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate. Cutting edge teaching techniques, varied language resources, engaging activities, a refined curriculum and a positive teaching approach are among the many ways we ensure the best results for your children.
Courses for teenagers provide our younger learners with the opportunity to learn French through a stimulating program. Students will discover the French language and culture and practise speaking through a range of stimulating activities.
Our primary goal is to give teens enough confidence to cope with real life situations. This is achieved through meaningful exercises, such as creative role-plays, simulations, surveys, projects, discussions and task based activities. If the emphasis is on speaking and listening, nevertheless reading and writing are also important parts of the courses and grammar remains an essential component.

What makes the High School Students’ courses at Alliance française a real PLUS?
Our courses complement the school curriculum: new activities and resources are implemented so that the teens can put into practice what they have learnt at school, work around their difficulties and extend their knowledge of French.
Students benefit from a complete immersion in French with our experienced teachers.
Our teachers are aware of the high schools’ curriculum; they know the expectations and goals of the Cambridge’s IGSCE French, as well as the different types of IB French exams (from the ‘ab initio’ exam to the IB Higher French exam). They will help the students overcome their difficulties and extend their knowledge to get a head start. 

  • An action-oriented approach: each lesson ends with a task to interact with all written and oral skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
  • A clear progression, with well-defined objectives, based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL), the reference for language learning.
  • A programme that prepares students to take the DELF diplomas, the official language diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education, thus giving them an official and international recognition of their level in French.


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A coursebook for teenagers aged 11-16 covering A1 to B1 of the CEFR. 'Adosphère' adopts an active, task-based approach which encourages students to immerse themselves in the lives of the teenagers who appear in the books. Students will learn French and develop core language skills as they become immersed in the relationships, discoveries, and personalities of each teen. Each lesson finishes with a task for the students to complete through interactions.

o        Easy to use: 1 lesson = 1 double page.
o        An action-oriented approach with a final task in every lesson.
o        An interdisciplinary focus adapted to each level of the course with the "Apprendre à apprendre" and "Mes matières en français" sections.
o        A literary text per module for levels 3 and 4.
o        A mock DELF assessment in each module.

A complete pedagogical kit, offered for 4 levels.