Alliances Françaises Network

Alliance Française was created in 1883 in Paris, by intellectuals and scientists, such as Paul Cambon, Louis Pasteur, Jules Verne or Ferdinand de Lesseps to improve the French cultural development abroad.

Today, Alliance Française is present in 134 countries, with more than 800 Alliances françaises in the world, and over 50,000 learners worldwide.

In each of these locations, an Alliance Française is an independent, non-profit organization and has the 3 missions:

  • To share the French language though its teaching activity
  • To provide a better understanding of French and French-speaking culture
  • To promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures

The exceptional longevity and vitality of the Alliance Française network comes from the close links established by each AF with the people, the partners and sponsors in the host countries, as well as with the French government. Each Alliance builds strong relationships with local communities, thanks to many long-term projects of cultural cooperation and exchange.


Located in the same building as the Alliance française Paris Ile de France, the Fondation has been operating since 2008, with three main objectives:

  • To federate and coordinate the worldwide Alliance française network
  • To bring expertise, counsel and further training to the network
  • To offer a cultural alternative to organisations by focusing on French-speaking cultures and supporting the promotion of cultural diversity in all its forms.